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Can we help?

Living with heart conditions can be extremely difficult, distressing and disturbing, never
more so than when first diagnosed. it can be very tough dealing with the emotions, not
only for those with the heart problem, but family, friends  and carers.
We, the members of 'Hearts in Slough' aren't health care professionals. but what we do
have in common is that we all either live witha heart condition, or are very close to
someone who is affected by such conditions. In that respect, we've been there. We know
the anxieties, the worries, the concerns.
We're here for you. Whenever and wherever we can, we'll support you through those
difficult times.
This means you are not alone. So why not get in touch? You're welcome to come to one
of our meetings, or simply meet one of our members on a confidential one-to-one basis.
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